Only 51 days until spring

27 01 2009

Well we’re supposed to get another snow storm today and tomorrow. Have I mentioned before that I’ve had just about enough of the cold and snow? This may be the biggest storm yet this year; they’re forecasting between 6-8 inches of snow. I guess on the plus side it gives me an excuse to work from home.

Still not much news on the school front. Last week I was officially denied by HBS, which I expected since I hadn’t gotten an interview invite. It really didn’t bother me at all. By this point I had already gotten so used to the idea that I’ll be at Kellogg next year that the denial from HBS was almost just another item on my to-do list for heading to Evanston. I’ve started focusing a bit more on financial aid and loans, but there’s not much I can do until I finish my taxes. Hopefully I’ll get my W-2s this week, so I can file my taxes and start working on the FAFSA and Kellogg financial aid application.


Winter doldrums

20 01 2009

I do not like January and February. Maybe it’s just a holdover from my days as an auditor, when January and February were by far the busiest months of the year. Or maybe it’s that while the cold and snow in December is full of holiday cheer, the cold and snow in January and February are just cold and miserable. The past week and a half have lived up to that. Temperatures got down into single digits, we’ve gotten a few snow storms, and I am sick of winter. I don’t have a whole lot to do in terms of preparing for school, other than doing the small fix-it tasks around my apartment and just generally getting it ready to go on the market next month. I am excited for DAK in a few weeks, and enjoyed meeting some of my future classmates at a reception Kellogg had in the city last week. But overall, I just feel like I’m in a holding pattern.

On a separate note, today is a pretty historic day. Regardless of your political views, it will be special to see President-elect Obama stand – facing the Lincoln Memorial, facing where MLK gave his “I Have a Dream” speech – take the oath of office and become President of the United States.