T minus 18 days

20 07 2009

I seriously cannot believe I’m already starting my 3rd week of unemployment.  Nor can I believe that I’ve only got another 18 days before making the big move to Evanston.  I’m starting to feel some stress over it too, between the condo sale, the actual move itself, leaving friends/family behind, school/recruiting, etc.  I think to some extent, while I was still working my mind was somewhat distracted by the routine of working – if not the work itself – but now that I don’t have work I have a lot more time to think about things, and probably overthink them too.  So it was pretty good timing for a long weekend down the shore.  One of my closest friends and I spent last Friday thru Sunday in Wildwood and Cape May, and it was great to just get away, relax, sit on the beach and not think about anything school or move related.  I really love being down the shore in general, but Wildwood has a special place in my heart.  Growing up, my family would head down to Wildwood for a week each summer, so it’s very comfortable and almost feels like a home away from home when I’m there.

Unfortunately, like all good things, the weekend came to an end and now I’m back and working on the move to-do list again.  The couple who are buying my condo are doing the home inspection later this morning, which hopefully will be the last major hurdle before closing.  I can’t say just how glad I’ll be once this is over and we’re all set for the closing.  Packing and cleaning out the condo is progessing slowly but surely.  I’ve picked my fall classes (I chose Marketing Management in addition to the 3 courses we have to take).  My application for health insurance (I chose not to use the Northwestern student plan) was approved and is effective Aug. 1.  Next up on the to-do list for this week: make an appointment to see my dentist for a cleaning/checkup before I leave, bring my car in for periodic maintenance before the 800 mile drive to Chi-town, and continue to clean/pack.  And of course, spend as much time with friends and family as I can.  As the move date gets closer, I’m realizing just how much I underestimated how hard it would be to leave them when I move.


Day 1 of unemployment

7 07 2009

For the first time since September 30, 2001, I woke up this morning and don’t have a job to go to.  I still don’t think it’s entirely sunk in yet – it just sorta feels like a weekend at this point.  Yesterday I felt strange all day.  Even though I had wrapped up all my work, I got to the office pretty early in the morning.  I went through my email and forwarded a bunch to my personal account so I’d have people’s contact info.  Then I basically spent the day visiting with people in the office, rehashing some of the good times we’d shared and saying my goodbyes.  After turning in my laptop, I went to HR for my exit interview.  It started out normal enough, talking about what my plans were for after I left, talking about any feedback I had on my company and how it could be better (I was pretty candid here and shared the good and bad points I had experienced), and handling the administrative paperwork.  Then it took a bit of a weird turn.  Apparently the HR guy is interested in the job I had, and started asking me about the job and what he should do if he’s interested in pursuing it.  In total, the interview lasted about 30 mins, and at the end he took my corporate AMEX and my building access cards.  I think it started to hit home as I walked through the turnstiles in the lobby, and realized that even if I wanted to I couldn’t get back in the office without having someone let me in.  I know it sounds like such a small thing, but for some reason it made it more real.

So what now?  Well, I can turn my attention to starting to get ready to move and to enjoying my last month in NJ with my friends and family.  My next few weekends are already booked up with family events and going down the shore with friends.  I’m sure these next few weeks will go by pretty quickly, and before I know it I’ll be packing up my car for the drive to Evanston.